Special Projects

img_3800Special Projects is a small group of volunteers at the wood shop that help people with wood projects.  Special Projects offers woodworking skill and expertise as a service to the community. Any Sun City West Rec Card holder can get help from special Projects. Many Sun City West clubs also get help from Special Projects.

The Special projects group helps residents with their wood related projects. The group repairs and makes small items. The cost is nominal and the materials are sold at club pricing, which is well below retail. Common projects are kitchen drawer repairs and replacement. They build small items such as stands, platforms and do furniture repair.

This is not a business and Special Projects does not do contractor work and does come to your home, do installations or measurements for you. If you can bring your item to the wood club, they can usually help you.

If you have need of Special Projects, here is what you do.

Come to the wood shop. Stop at the entry and explain to the tool crib manager what you need. They will page someone from Special Projects, who will bring you in to the shop work area. They will find out what you need and determine if it is a project they can do for you. They will take your contact information.

Special Projects will start the project, complete the work and contact you when it is ready. You should be contacted within 2 or 3 days.