Wood Shop Equipment Safety and Operation


  • Always wear safety glasses or a face shield when operating equipment.

  • Do not wear log sleeved shirts, loose clothing or jewelry that may get caught by turning equipment.

  • No open toed shoes or sandals. Steel toed shoes are recommended, but not required.

  • Never reach over or around a running blade or try to flick small piece out of the cutting area.

  • Use pusher sticks, feather board or other safety tools whenever possible.

  • Keep your immediate work area clean and free of debris that might become a tripping hazard.

  • Do not leave equipment running unattended.

  • Shut off power sources when making bit/blade changes or major adjustments.

  • No horse play or causing unnecessary distractions. Stay focused on what you are doing.

  • Look for additional “Operating Instructions” attached to the machine

  • First Aid Station

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