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New Member Orientation Class

All “New Members” can sign up, pay dues and register from the Membership and Orientation page using a credit card. You are required to complete the New Member Orientation class before using the shop. You will also receive your Woodworking Club badge in the class. The purpose of the orientation is to make sure every member is familiar with the operation of the shop, understands shop safety and the safe operation of the equipment.

If you are interested in joining the club, start by coming to the club and sign up for the next new member orientation class. You can do that online through this  link.


When you sign up there is a fee that is paid in advance, currently set at $70. The fee covers the Woodworking class and balance of the year’s  Club membership from the date of the orientation class. Online you can pay with a credit/debit card. Classes are limited to 15 new members each month. They fill up fast. The class is held on Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday afternoon of the first week of the first Tuesday of each month (if Tuesday is the first of the month the first class will be the last Monday of the previous month). See the Club Event Calendar that is in “Quick Links” on the club’s homepage for exact dates.  If you can’t get into the next class, you can sign up for the following month(s). The Sign Up sheet will show all of the classes for the next few months. Classes are limited to 15 people so that each person gets a chance to use the equipment and so the instructors can work with small groups of new members.

Just before the orientation class that you’re going to attend, you’ll receive an email. The email will explain the dates, time and detail schedule. It will also direct you to the club website to view and print the orientation training materials. In addition, there are a few videos that you should watch prior to attending the orientation class.

During the class, you’ll complete enrollment and receive a badge, review operations, safety, and member responsibilities. You’ll take a tour of the shop and review all the equipment. There will be equipment demonstrations and hands-on practice for every person. You’ll also get a detailed look at the lumber room and learn how to buy material. The tool room, or tool crib, has a large set of small power tools, hand tools, router, and drill bits. Almost anything you need is available in the tool crib. You’ll learn how to check out tools, signup for monitoring and how to sign in for shop credits.

At the end of the orientation class, you’ll get your shop badge and can enter and use the shop on your own.

At this point, you have full use of the shop. For many experienced woodworkers, that is enough. For newcomers to woodworking, there are many options. There are classes where you make bowls, boxes, learn wood turning and more. There are many volunteer options at the shop as well. This is a great way to meet people, learn and contribute. The Christmas toy making program is very popular. You could volunteer to help with special projects or monitor to get more familiar with the shop and tools. If you’re looking for projects, the library has a huge collection of books, magazine, and videos of woodworking related topics.

One of your responsibilities as a Wood Workers Club member is safety. Always wear safety glasses (available in the tool room). Do not wear gloves. Do not wear sleeves that extend below the elbow; if they are longer, roll them up. Extra fabric like sleeves and gloves can get caught in the machines and pull you in with them. Body parts wreak havoc with the machinery. Please keep all living matter where it belongs, on your body. If your hair is long, tie it back, for the same reason. When using a lathe, always wear a face shield. Appropriate footwear must be worn while in the shop. Closed toed shoes are a must. Sandals are not allowed for obvious reasons.
If you aren’t sure how to use a machine or are rusty since shop class, please ask another member for help. We all need help and are happy to assist.
There are some logical concerns about the use of chemicals, sprays and mixtures in the assembly room. Please consult one of the senior board members for guidance on their use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Shop Etiquette

Cleaning up after you in the machine room is a must. It is not only polite to do so; it is a safety hazard for others if you don’t. There are signs on all of the machines that give you guidelines not only for use, but also for cleaning. If you made the mess, be a good sport and clean it up yourself.

Important: Since the Wood Workers Club has more than 900 members, there are times when the assembly room can get very crowded with projects. To facilitate the shop cleaning on Saturday morning (Wednesday afternoon while the club has limited hours), the tabletops in that room must be as clear of work as possible by end of day. So please clean up the area. If you have a project that is “in process” and can’t be moved, please put your name and badge number on it.


As you will see, there are a limited number of carts for use to carry tools and other work pieces from one place to another. In order to make the best use of these, please limit your time with a cart as much as possible. If you are finished in the machine room for instance, and are now going to go the assembly area, consider unloading your cart so it can be utilized by other members. It should also be noted here that the carts are not to be used for long term storage.

How can I earn credits so that I can use the Wood Workers Club? How long do the credits last?

There are several ways that a member can earn credits. Each person gets a credit for taking the new member orientation course. If a member has no credits, he/she can still use the Woodshop once a month.  To earn more credits, a member can sign up to monitor on the web site as the shop floor as a manager for 4 hours. A member can also sign up to work for 2 hours for the cleaning crew on Wednesday afternoon and earn a ½ credit. To sign up for monitoring or cleaning, use the computer in the front hall of the Woodshop or go to our club’s website ( and click on Monitor Signup.
Another way to earn credits is to volunteer at the Village Store; then bring the slip signed by the Store staff and a board member can assign you a credit.

Each credit allows you the use of the Woodshop for 1 month. This month is not a calendar month. Your “credit month” starts the first day that you visit the woodshop on that individual credit and lasts for 30 consecutive days. Each member can “bank” up to 6 credits at a time.

I have lost my Wood Workers Club badge.

You can use your Sun City West Rec card to enter the Woodshop. Then write your name, phone number, and Wood Workers Club member number on a piece of paper and give it to a board officer. A new badge will be created as soon as possible, and you will be notified when it is ready. Remember, if you request a new badge and then find the old one, the old badge will no longer work.

My SCW Rec card number has changed and my Wood Workers Club badge no longer works.

Give your new rec card number, your Wood Workers Club badge number and your name to a board officer. The change will be made in the database and then your Wood Workers Club badge will work again.

I want to buy something in the Lumber room but the door is closed.

The lumber room is opened at 9:00, 11:00 and 1:00 for an 15 minutes (longer if needed) Monday thru Friday with an authorized lumber room person present to help you make your purchases. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

The machine that I am using isn’t working properly.

Fill out a trouble form (in the box next to the Maintenance room door). Be specific about the problem you are experiencing and the equipment. Pin the completed form to the cork board on the door and put an Out Of Order sign (available beside the Maintenance room door in the rack) on the equipment so that no one else will attempt to use it.

My friend has a locker. How can I get one?

There are 2 types of lockers for rent. The lockers along the walls rent for $30 a year. The large lockers under the benches rent for $50 a year. There is a signup sheet on the bulletin for a locker; fill in your information and the type of locker you are looking to rent. You will be contacted by the locker guru or the locker guru assistant when a locker comes available. They are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The cost may be prorated if there is less than 6 months to go on the rent for the year.

The following documents can be viewed and printed in preparation for the orientation class.

Shop Videos

Table Saw Kickback Video

Stopsaw Table Saw Video