Locker_Policy 6.11.2024

SCW Woodworking Club

Locker Policy

All lockers are open to all members of the SCW Woodworking Club dependent on availability.

To Obtain a Locker

  1. Place your name on the locker list that is on the bulletin board.  Fill in your name, badge number, phone number, and size of locker wanted.
  2. Indicate if you are trading your current locker for a different size or location.
  3. Once you have obtained the locker your name will be deleted from the list.  And you will receive an invoice for the locker fee.   If you are trading a wall locker for an under-counter locker you will be invoiced for the difference between the two.  If you are trading down the difference will NOT be refunded.
  4. Once your name is off the list you will have to put your name back on if you want to make any changes.

Priority of Locker Assignments

All priorities are based on the order of names on the list.

Wall Lockers

  1. Members without a locker.
  2. Members with a locker and want additional locker.

Bench Lockers

  1. Members with bench lockers and want to change to a different under-counter locker or upgrade to extra-large under-counter locker.
  2. Members with wall lockers who want to trade to a bench locker.

You may keep the wall locker in addition to bench locker if there are enough wall lockers available.  Otherwise, you will have to give up the wall locker.

  • Any member who doesn’t have a locker.

Locker Fees & Maintaining the Locker

  1. Lockers fees may be prorated (depending on the month obtained) and are based on a calendar year.  If you obtain a locker after you have paid the yearly club dues you will be invoiced for the just the locker.  Then the fee for locker will be due again at the same time club dues are due in January.   You will be invoiced for both at the same time.
  2. Any permanent additions to the locker (such as drawers or shelves) are to be left in the locker when it is vacated.  
  3. You cannot “give” or promise your locker to another member when you vacate the locker.   Your locker will go to the next person on the above-mentioned list.
  4. To keep the locker, you will need to visit the woodshop at a minimum of 24 times in the calendar year.    
  5.  Just because you have an under the counter locker does not mean that you have exclusive right to the bench top above it.  All bench top areas are open to all members.
  6. Locker Fees:  Club dues and locker fees are determined by the club board per the club by-laws.  Currently the lockers fees are as follows:
    1. Small Open cubby ……$10 per year
    1. Large Open cubby ……  $20 per year
    1. Face Shield cubby ……. $10 per year
    1. Wall Locker ………$40 per year
    1. Under the counter (bench) locker …..  $65 per year
    1. Extra-large under the counter locker …….$75 per year
  • Instructor Lockers:   The lockers that are reserved for instructors and club activities are assigned either to an instructor or person in charge of activity and are to be used only for class items and NOT as their personal locker.   These lockers are free of charge.