MIlling Machine Operation

Milling Machine Controls

A milling machine operates by moving the table back and forth and in and out. This is done with hand cranks. The actual cutting is done with bits inserted into a collate on the spindle. Regular router bits can be used. The depth of cut is controlled by where the bed height is set. Once the bed is positioned and the maximum boring depth of the bit is established and locked into placed. You can make a lateral cut on your stock by lowering the bite to maximum depth and locking it in and with the lateral hand crank you can make the complete cut. If you need to make a second cut just raise the bit and use the in-out crank set the new position, lower the bit and crank lateral crank back the length you need.

Both the Lateral crank and the in-out crank precisely move the table. The distance the cutter moves can be read on the “Digital Distance Display”.

Milling Machine Accessories

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