How to Join


So you would like to become a member of the SCW Woodworkers. Well, we would love to have you. The Wood Workers wood shop has over 6,000 sq ft. of space which is divided equally between an equipment area and an assembly room. The equipment is of a professional grade and very diverse. The Assembly room is mainly tables for assembling projects. There also are lockable cabinets that can be rented to store personal items. A Tool Crib where a verity of hand tools and miscellaneous drills, router bits and accessory items can be checked out.

If this sounds like something you are interested in there are a few things you should know. First this is a club charted by the Sun City West Recreation Center and therefore you must be a member of the Recreation Center in good standing. Also, the club must follow Rec Center standards. The main one is there must be two people in the facility at all times. To meet this requirement, we require two monitors that are in the shop for four-hour shifts. These two people are called “Floor Manager” and “Tool Crib Manager” who see that club rules are complied with. Since ours is a volunteer club member are asked to do one of these two tasks. In return a member will get a credit to use the shop for 30 days.  The other is that all new members are required to take a three-day Orientation class. The first days will cover general rules and information and get your picture taken for your badge. On the second day the shop is closed for general use and the new orientation members we get hands instruction to build a simple project which will incorporate a few of the most popular machines. The last day is dedicated to familiarizing newcomers to the ins and outs of using the tool crib, lumber room library and computer system. You will also get your key card badge which will let you access the shop.

If you want to join, go to the “New member and Orientation” tab under “New Members” or click here JOIN NOW.