img_4034The wood shop operates entirely¬†with volunteers. There are not paid positions and it takes a lot of work to make a wood shop with a 1000 members run an work smoothly. There are a lot ways to volunteer and help out. The biggest benefit to you is that you’ll get to know more people at the shop.

There is a lot of need at the wood club. It is a 7000 square foot woodworking shop that has many characteristics of a business. But it is not a business. Take a look at the committees page on the site. You’ll see a wide variety of areas and expertise that the club needs. The club always needs monitors, cleaners and maintenance help. There is a need for instructors to teach woodworking classes. There is a lot of administration help needed to handle members, dues payments, locker rentals and make member badges.

Would you believe this wood club has 9 computers. They are used to track member access, record member dues payments, run the CNC router, handle sales in the lumber room, keep track of the club library books, magazines and videos. There are 3 computers used just for CNC design using VCarve Pro.

This is a social club too. There is a lot of need to help organize and setup parties, lunches, happy hour and picnics.

Many members sell the items they make at the village store. There is a quality control check on each item. This is also used to take in items for the village store. You can also volunteer to work at the village store.

In addition to supporting the club itself, the club staffs bell ringers each christmas at local stores for the Salvation Army. Many members of the club also work on the Christmas toy project. Each fall, several club member make dozens of wooden toys that are given to local school children.