The SCW WoodWorkers Club has three types of Turning Machines.

Ring Master

The club has 6 Powermatic lathes like the one shown as well as one “ONE WAY” brand lathe. All 7 have similar operating controls and features. These lathes are used for a variety of spindle work as well as for turning bowls. The “Lathe I” class is a requirement for using these lathes.

Safety Rules

The club has two “Mini Lathes”. These lathes can also be used for all the lathe work commonly performed on the seven standard lathes, but for smaller projects, They are used for the “Pen Lathe” Class. You are required to take the basic “Pen Lathe” class before operating the “Mini Lathes”.

AAW Safety Rules

The Ring Master is an efficient bowl maker employing a completely different technique than a conventional lathe. You start with a flat circular or octagonal board and using the cutter attachment you cut concentric rings with beveled sides. These rings are then glued and stacked in a cone shape to create a bowl. The Ring Bowl class is a requirement for using this machine.

Ring Master Concepts

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