Tool Crib

img_0941The  Wood Club provides small power tools and hand tools for members to use in the shop. Tools range from drill bits, router bits, clamps, tape measures to air nailers, sanders and drills. Each member may “checkout” up to ten items at time.

In order to checkout tools, exchange your rec center card for a set of 10 tokens. Those tokens can be exchanged for tools to use. When you finish with the tool, turn it in and get the token back.  When you are done for the day, turn in the tokens and get your rec card back.

Tool Crib Monitors checkout tools, greet visitors and arrange for shop tours. The tool  crib is a center of activity in the shop. Members come with questions, drop off membership renewals, purchase event tickets and more.

The great thing about working in the Tool Crib is that you’ll be to look and find all the tools available for use in the shop.

The shop is run by the club members and everyone volunteers to help out and support the shop. Members signup to be a shop manager or tool crib monitor and work a 4 hour shift. Each time you monitor, you get a shop credit. Shop credits are important because you need credits to be able to use the shop.