Shop Description

The Sun City West Wood Working Club has been described as the best wood shop in the United States. Because we lean to the modest side of things, we wouldn’t think of claiming that title. However, we do have a great shop made up of great people. Many of our members have been working with wood since childhood. They are the lucky ones. The rest of the club has come to wood later in life. The great part of the club is that people are willing to assist in teaching skills, and ideas for wood working. Newcomers (the club has women and men) are welcomed.  See the orientation outline for new members.

Equipment: The shop is well equipped to handle most any project.

  • Two jointers
  • Two planers
  • Seven lathes
  • Five Saw stop table saws
  • Jump saw, two Miter saws
  • Four ring master machines
  • Three Pen lathes
  • Four thickness sanders
  • Three router tables
  • Two CNC router
  • One wood Mill
  • Five ban saws and four scroll saws. These saws allow member to handle cutting up logs down to very delicate work.
  • Four drill press
  • Two spindle sanders
  • Two disk sanders

Tool Crib:
The tool crib is full of…tools! Lots of tools. Drills, sanders, chucks, squares, pin nail guns, clamps and…. You get the idea. All you need to check out these tools is to be a member and present your Sun City West Recreation issued card. You can then check tools out to use in the shop and also take them overnight with check out.

Assembly Room:
The assembly room is where things happen like gluing, planning, and fellowship. There is a break table (to talk or the occasional cribbage game while glue is drying) and also over two hundred lockers that are available for members to rent.

Thanks to one of our long-time members, the club enjoys an up-to-date woodworking library. Books, CD’s, and magazines with back issues, are all indexed in the library computer. So, if you want to make a bird house, a quick search will take you to the right spot. There is video capability in the library to see how a master craftsman does it.

Lumber Room:
Unless you have access to a supply of material, you may need to buy wood, sandpaper, glue, dowels, or some other supply to complete a project. Items, including wood are sold at slightly above cost to give members the best prices. Usually in stock are walnut, maple, oak, poplar and many others. Special orders for a project can be handled. Remember that the members operating the lumber room are all volunteers. The lumber room is not a commercial enterprise. It is a privilege we enjoy. Please be patient!