Shop Credits

What are Shop Credits
The wood shop depends on members to operate. Credits are required for members to use the shop more than one day each month. Every member gets one day a month access to the shop. However, to use the shop more than one day a month, you need to use a credit. A credit gives you shop access for the next 30 days. Shop credits are “used” when you last 30 days expire.

Credits are earned by various contributions to the club. The most common way to earn credits is to work as a shop manager or tool crib monitor for a 4 hour shift. The club needs more than 70 volunteers a month to work as a  shop manager or tool crib monitor just to keep the shop running. The wood shop is not allowed to be open without monitors

There are other ways to earn credits. It takes a lot of volunteer time to keep a shop this size running. You could work on the maintenance crew, cleaning crew, teach a class or work at the Village Store. There are many committees and they all need help.