Member Gallery Ken Langenberger

Ken Langenberger , a wood worker from Minnesota.

My greatest accomplishments are building three of my houses from top to bottom including electrical, plumbing and all that other stuff that goes along with it.  I’ve always been interested in woodworking since high school and projects with my father and  so when I retired  I wanted to do what I enjoyed.

We were at a woodworking show and was talking to this lady about not knowing  anything about carving and she ask me if I knew how to peel a potato and I said yes and she encouraged me to give it a try.  I took some wood carving  classes and was hooked.   A friend got me excited about woodturning so I purchased a couple lathes to add  to my other shop tools and still love doing some of that along with scroll sawing.

To me,  it’s a very relaxing and satisfying sense of accomplishment.  My wife says she always knows where she can find me (in the woodshop or fishing).