Member Gallery Del Vosburg

Hi, I’m Del Vosburg. I came from Tacoma Wa. where I was a Firefighter for 28 years. I retired Captain in 1988. I’ve been a member of the SunCity West Woodshop since 1999. This shop is why I live here.

Wood working has always been in my blood. I built my first home and later a 40 foot, two story barn/shop so I would have a place to do wood projects.

My first S.C.W. woodshop project in 1999 was the stool which I use every day.  I have built over 10 cedar/toy chests for grandchildren and children.  They are all different with secret compartments. I have also built doll cradles, Noah’s Arks, many wooden bowls and small and large pieces of furniture. The late George Lewis and I together built two pulpits for local churches along with custom hand rails and a communion table.