The Sun City West Wood Club operates entirely with volunteers. That begins with monitoring and extends to a numerous committees and work groups that keep the club running. Below are list of the committees and responsible chair person.

Committee and Key Personnel Assignments – 2016
Committee Chair person Phone
 Auditor  David Whitehouse  623-544-0942
 Carving  Connie Reidel 785-470-7041
 Craft Fair  Ed Gallardo  623-546-0140
Badges  Jean Richards

Peggy Sainato



 Elections  Bob Zickau  623-975-9377
 Picnics and Holiday Party  Dave Dostal  402-676-4861
 Housekeeping  Roger Martin  206-321-6637
IT Peggy Sainato 928-717-0026
 Library  Mike Ward   623-243-6723
Lumber Room Stan Mifflin 402-641-3160
Lockers Mark Hallbeck  503-789-6101
 Chief Maintenance  Dave Boulet  623-214-2761
 Monitoring & Membership  Jean Richards  623-544-3204
 Pop Machine  Dave Boulet  623-584-2242
 Purchasing Agent  Gary Roberts  623-606-6781
 Safety Dan Sainato 623-777-0311
 Special Projects Bruce Broussard

Tim Flynn

Tom Heliker

Lee Thompson





 Suggestion Box Kenny Brydon 231-206-2028
 Sunshine Joni Thompson 507-380-9551
 Table Saws Maintenance John Green  248-515-3152
 Tool Room Max Thompson 507-340-5150
Band Saw Maintenance Frank Tucker

Kim Streed



 Christmas Toys Max Thompson   623-251-3315
 Education Dave French 623-594-3296
 Lathe Maintenance Dave French 480-290-3714
 Village Store Quality Control Jim Schriber   217-725-6584
  Newsletter Jim Sloan

Rosemary Abrami



  Happy Hour/Summer Lunches Sue Trevison  908-285-2140
Digital Messaging (Big TV) Larry Smith 623-214-8761